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Testimonials from our patients

Patients of Dr. Philippe Roure were kind enough to provide testimonials about their experience and treatment: from diagnosis of their pathology to post-operative follow-up. These can be found on the practice's Google Maps and Facebook.

"I consulted Dr. Roure because of wrist pain, I'd already had an operation performed by another surgeon in 2015 on this wrist but I had recurrent pain (sick leave every six months), and he told me it wouldn't be possible for me to practice my profession properly. In June 2018, I was injured again, my former surgeon gave up because he could not find the causes of my pain and tremors...

So I decided to consult Dr Roure, who after two appointments decided to operate on me, and 3 months after the operation, I managed to go back to work smoothly, and today I can carry out my normal work, without any pain or discomfort, A BIG THANK YOU to Dr ROURE and his team, superb care, everything is clearly explained, with regular, attentive follow-up, the team is just great.

I highly recommend Dr Roure."


Extraordinary surgeon and individual with an equally extraordinary team, very professional and personable. I highly recommend Doctor Roure, who knew how to fix me up, able to provide relief where other surgeons couldn't... Thanks again."

Aurélie R.

"Doctor Roure is a very professional and attentive surgeon. Full detailed explanation given prior to the procedure. The whole team in the operating theatre is also very competent. My procedures, for a torn scapholunate ligament in my right wrist and torn ligament on my right thumb, went very well and without pain. I highly recommend this really excellent surgeon."

Francisco B.

"Almost one year since my right shoulder was operated on by Doctor Roure, everything has gone well and just as he explained to me. He'd warned me that I would have pain for quite a long time, and I was losing hope, but in the end everything returned to normal after a few physiotherapy sessions. All is well, thank you Doctor."

Francis R.

"My hand and wrist were operated on by Doctor Roure in July 2018. This surgeon is an ace with a scalpel!!! No pain, I'm still looking for the scar.... Everything was very well-explained to me by the surgeon. If ever you have a problem, you can place your trust in him.... His team and his secretaries are wonderful as are all the staff at the hand clinic in Aubergenville (78)."

Martine P.

"Third operation with the same team, always as professional and friendly. The pre- and post-op follow-up is top-notch. Dr. Roure works like a clock-maker, and the resulting scars are barely noticeable."

A big thank you to Dr ROURE, his assistant Paula and all his team for the quality of their work."

"After seeing a news report about Dr. Roure, I chose him to perform a biceps operation.

Clearly I made the right choice, because in addition to the result, which was just as I had been hoping, the human setting in which the procedure was carried out was of an equally high quality - he proved to be an outstanding medical professional both in terms of his technical skill and his personal qualities, which is becoming increasingly rare these days."

Stéphan L.

"Very friendly and attentive staff. I particularly recommend Doctor Roure for his professionalism and kindness I came to see him for a shoulder problem that was bothering me every day (detachment of glenoid rim and tearing of the supraspinatus tendon). Since the operation, I no longer have any discomfort. THANK YOU"

Cédric R.

"Excellent surgeon, great professional and very friendly. According to my doctor, he saved my hands... I have complete faith in him, bravo Doctor and thank you for everything!"

Christelle L.

"A very good surgeon. I honestly recommend him. Operated on in 2016 for Dupuytren's contracture + carpal tunnel in my right hand. Operated on in 2017 for Dupuytren's contracture + carpal tunnel in my right hand. Aubergenville Clinic. Very friendly team."


"I had surgery for osteoarthritis in my left hand in 2017. This time I had the same operation on my right hand. Excellent surgeon. Thank you Doctor Roure. I have no more pain in my wrists and hands and I am very happy with my new life."

Icham E.

"I had three operations, without any problems, a great professional and very kind, explains things well."

Véronique M.

"He is an excellent doctor and surgeon who knows how to explain the causes and offer solutions when possible. I recommend him, I have had excellent follow-up and waiting times are not very long for an appointment. He has been treating me for 15 years. Do not hesitate to consult this competent professional."

Nathalie F.

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