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Dr Philippe Roure, Orthopedic surgeon of the upper limb in Paris

Dr. Philippe Roure is a surgeon specialising in orthopaedic and restorative surgery, with more than 20 years of experience exclusively as an upper-limb surgeon, performing hand, elbow, shoulder and wrist surgery in Paris. He graduated in microsurgery, sports surgery and hand surgery.

A tailor-made approach to surgery

Dr. Philippe Roure favours a "tailor-made" approach to orthopaedic hand, elbow and shoulder surgery, seeking both the most technically advanced solution and the one that best matches the expectations and profile of his patients.

He combines his experience in the treatment of high-performance athletes with restorative surgery and microsurgery in order to offer a personalised response to each of his patients.

His 20 years of experience exclusively as an upper limb, hand and shoulder surgeon give him the necessary vantage point to offer his patients the most relevant solutions.

He personally performs all procedures and carries out the post-operative follow-up for all of his patients.

Minimally-invasive techniques

Dr. Roure uses the very latest, and least invasive techniques for his procedures, particularly involving microsurgery and arthroscopy. These techniques minimise pain and post-operative down-time, while yielding optimal functional and aesthetic results.

His consultations and surgical procedures take place in highly-specialised Parisian orthopaedic surgery and sports surgery centres: the Espace MĂ©dical Vauban (Paris 7th arrondissement) and the Clinique du Sport (Paris 5th arrondissement).

This means he uses the very latest surgical equipment with the highest safety and quality standards, working together with colleagues who are also trauma, sports medicine and orthopaedic surgery specialists.

An experienced and highly-specialised surgeon

Dr. Roure has been in private practice for 20 years and has a private health care contract with the French social security (sector 2). To remain fully independent and free to use those surgical techniques he considers the most suitable, he does not practice under the OPTAM / OPTAM CO contracts offered by the French social security bodies.

If your mutual insurance contract does not cover you fully for surgical costs, a portion of the fees may need to be paid by you. If you do not have French social security but a private insurance, a precise quote will be established as soon as possible for your care. His assistant Paula is on hand to go through your cover with you. You will always be issued with a quote prior to any procedure.

Dr. Philippe Roure is registered with the Departmental Council of the Order of Physicians of the City of Paris, under Reg. No. 73755, and No. RPPS 10000832088. He works through his company SELARL PHILIPPE ROURE, 448029561 RCS Paris, of which he is the managing director.

Titles & qualifications

  • DiplomĂ© du DESC de chirurgie orthopĂ©dique et traumatologique.
  • Droit au titre de chirurgien de la main
  • Ancien chef de clinique Ă  la FacultĂ© de MĂ©decine de Paris
  • Ancien assistant Ă  l’hĂ´pital Boucicaut et Ă  l’hĂ´pital EuropĂ©en Georges Pompidou
  • Ancien attachĂ© Ă  l’HĂ´pital EuropĂ©en Georges Pompidou
  • Ancien Interne des hĂ´pitaux de Paris
  • LaurĂ©at de la facultĂ© de MĂ©decine de Paris
  • Ancien attachĂ© de recherche Ă  Hong Kong University et assistant au Queen Mary Hospital de Hong Kong
  • DiplĂ´me Universitaire de chirurgie de la Main et du Membre supĂ©rieur, UniversitĂ© Paris VII
  • DiplĂ´me Universitaire de Microchirurgie, UniversitĂ© Paris XIII
  • DiplĂ´me Universitaire de Chirurgie du Sport, UniversitĂ© Paris VI
  • DiplĂ´me Universitaire d’anatomie fonctionnelle et chirurgicale de l’appareil locomoteur, UniversitĂ© Paris V
  • Membre de la SociĂ©tĂ© Française d’arthroscopie
  • Membre associĂ© de la sociĂ©tĂ© Française de Chirurgie de la Main
  • Membre du Groupe EuropĂ©en d’Etude de l’Arthroscopie du Poignet
  • Membre de la SociĂ©tĂ© Française des Services Urgence Main

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